For Sale

Currently we have 32  service age bulls in inventory, available for sale and immediate delivery into buyer's hands , FOB the ranch.  They're high-class specimens of  the Anxiety 4th gene pool that created and drove a quality based American beef industry prior to commoditization in the 1970's and 80's. Commoditization brought taller, harder doing stock that more closely resemble a draft animal X Dairy animal cross than a true beef animal. Quality, consistently and uniformity skidded in American beef cattle, hence in American beef. Consumers turned to other sources of protein. Since 1976 beef has lost over 49% of its demand, and the skid continues unabated despite the beef quality assurance program. Noted beef industry focused agriculture economist Bill Helming  has been tracking this for five over decades.


Through the power of their prepotency, coupled to their ideal beef animal form and structure our linebred Anxiety 4th Hereford bulls have the ability to turn calves from typical plain commodity cows into more efficient, higher quality and  higher value beef animals.