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Anxiety 4th 9904, the "Father of American Herefords", and founding sire of the linebred gene pool that bears his name.   

Since 1944 we've been breeding linebred Anxiety 4th Herefords exclusively of Straight Gudgell & Simpson breeding. When the foundation for the herd was laid in the 1940's the "Straight-bred Anxieties", as they've long been called, were the premier beef animal in the western hemisphere, and possibly  the entire world. This had much to to with the breed's founding by the old English Hereford breeders, who utilized Line-breeding technology, coupled with consistent and constant selection pressure to create a genetically pure strain of highly productive, high quality beef cattle that functioned very well on forage. Likewise it had much to do with two American partnerships of two men each, Gudgell & Simpson, already named, and Mousel Brothers, who each further utilized the same stock and the same technology to more highly refine that same beef animal into arguably the the best and most efficient beef animal this side of the dark-ages. Additionally, their work positioned the Hereford breed in America to grow with an expanding national population, thereby ensuring a plentiful supply of high quality beef protein to the populous.

Headquarters For Hindquarters 

Mischief Lamplighter 88th (L)  & 12 Lents Lamplighter 21st (R) prove our claim while wearing their "end of winter flesh" maintained via dormant grass supplemented with a small drop of range cubes.  

Our 50's era ranch sign has for decades pointed the way to genetically pure and better Herefords. It's located on Indiahoma Road 4.5 miles south of the Indiahoma, Oklahoma exit from US Hwy 62.  From here, follow the big red arrow 3/4 mile to the cattle-guard on the left .    

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