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Current Herd Bulls

Mischief Lamplighter 88th must be seen to be fully appreciated, and once seen, leaves an indelible impression. He has a strong masculine head, a thick neck blending smoothly into a frame and body structure of immense structural thickness. He carries a covering of high-quality beef as thick as the best we've seen in our 7+ decades of connection to this wonderful gene pool, long noted for thick flesh and high quality. He is a very substantive bull, yet trimly made with absolutely no waste. His rear-quarters are often and accurately described as "powerful" and "defying comparison". They are strongly reminiscent of the hams on a hog, or perhaps a grizzly bears rump, so thick, smooth and bulging are they, even in varying stages of flesh.  Mischief Lamplighter 88th is emblematic  of our herd bull battery, and is the kind responsible for an excellent dry matter feed conversion ratio that since about 1950 has ranged from 4.7:1 to 5.3:1 every time it's been independently proven on the commercial offspring of bulls we've bred. In an industry that averages about 8.5:1 to 9:1 on a dry matter basis, that's the kind of efficiency that adds true economic value to the output of any population of beef cattle.

14 Lents Lamplighter 30th is meeting our every expectation as a sire. A son of Lents Lamplighter 14th, he is an adequate successor in a sire line we value highly for the substance they bring to their offspring of both sexes.  This young fellow is a long bodied, strong headed bull packing a good load of beef, and an Anxiety hindquarter with no waste. His calves exceed our expectations.   

33 Lents Lamplighter 7th was a herd bull the day he was  born. He had all the prerequisites: breeding, quality and individuality, and clearly stood out in a herd where uniformity is a  hallmark. He comes through the great Donna Agnes cow family, which has stood the test of time and has  produced many great individuals over the past 14 decades, including several herd bulls for us and others. He meets our exacting specifications for herd sires.              

12 Lents Lamplighter 21st is a young sire much to our liking. A son of Lents Lamplighter 12th, he is a very substantive fellow who is passing on the characteristics that attracted us when he was a calf, wonderful thickness and good depth of body, a strong masculine head and substance that shows through to all who see him. There's no gamble in this young bulls future.  

Phenotypically 33 Lents Lamplighter 11th is almost identical to his half-brother the 7th, but is a little more upstanding. From a Dulcie Mischief dam, he'll pass on that great cow family's thickness, wide table backs and heavy hindquarters to his offspring. We're anticipating the first calves from these two son's of Lents Lamplighter 33rd in next spring's calf crop.     

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