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The Cowherd

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Donna Anna 94th (L) and her daughter Donna Anna 101st. Note the uniformity of their structures, particularly the wide flat backs and strong loins. These are the high dressing, high  yielding and high grading kind whose sons and their class mates  can convert your herd to the same kind

Dulcie Mischief 217th, future brood cow & full sibling to our promising young herd sire 33 Lents Lamplighter 11th 

Donna Anna 94th with a future herd bull at side. Note their smooth thick muscling; standard equipment in this gene pool    

The calm docile nature of the Anxiety 4th gene pool is  evident as  Jim Lents looks over a few of his cows 

Blanche Mischief 64th & 2017 HC

Bonny Lucy 51st & 2017 heifer calf with other spring  babies in the  background

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